Specialty Services
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Image Reporting can save you thousands of dollars with lost electrical cost and trouble shoot any electrical overloads before causing major electrical disaster.
Troubleshooting Electrical Systems for Preventive Maintenance includes the following:
  • Connections and Wiring - We look for connections that have higher temperatures than other similar connections under similar loads. That could indicate a loose, over tightened, or corroded connection with increased resistance.
  • Three-Phase Imbalance - Captured thermal images of all electrical panel and other high-load connection points such as drives, disconnects, controls and so on.
  • Fuses - Check all fuses.
  • Motor Control Centers - Evaluate an MCC under load, open each compartment and compared the relative temperatures of key components: bus bars, controllers, starters, contactors, relays, fuses, breakers, disconnects, feeders, and transformers.
  • Transformers - For oiled-filled transformers, we use a thermal imager to look at high and low-voltage external bushing connections, cooling tubes, and cooling fans and pumps, as well as the surface of critical transformers.
Aerial Bucket Services
In order to accommodate most aerial maintenance and installation scenarios, our bucket truck allow us to reach substantial working heights. We can install and/or maintain parking lot lighting, signs, aerial communications hardware, overhead service wiring and any other electrical or communication devices that are above normal working heights. It is also perfect for maintaining building lighting, large sign maintenance, parking lot fixture installations and other scenarios.
Underground Locating
Finding faults or breaks in underground wires and conduits causing outages.
We also provide expertise in the following Specialty Services:
  • Sign Repair
  • Warehouse Lighting
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